Wednesday, 18 November 2009

We can still listen to the Cribs in Taipei so it's ok

My turn to write something on here. I must say blogging doesn't come naturally to me.

We've been really busy. I have about 14 lessons a week now which doesn't seem much but I seem to spend all my time planning, like Ben on his PGCE. I could be happy with this if I were getting a full time wage, but when I spend all morning planning lessons, travel a long way to teach, then come in at night and work until midnight I'm not sure it's a time effective job to say I'm not getting paid much. I might have to settle for Buxiban work which I'm not looking forward to, but it doesn't make me want to go back to England yet. We're still really glad we're here.

We get to go to Hong Kong in a week! It was originally going to be old Bangkok but Ben could only get 3 days off work because he has to teach the kids at his school how to do a nutcracker dance for the christmas concert, which, if it goes badly will mean they all have to work on christmas day too. It doesn't sound like it'll go badly though...Ben's little rendition has inspired me with confidence.

We've been eating dumplings and baozi (steamed buns) lots and enjoying watching a bit of The Long Way Round with Charlie Borman and Ewan Mcgreggor, making us want to go on the trans-Siberian Express across Siberia, Mongolia and Russia. This is something Ben's wanted to do for a while so we're considering it on the way back home - going completely over land. Hopefully we'll see more south east asia too.

We're missing not doing stuff with other people much and good puddings. We buy beautiful looking cakes only to bite into them with disappointment because the cream isn't sugary. I could actually do with a chicken korma at the moment too. I really want some Ben and Jerry's and a sunday dinner with yorkshire puddings made by my mum. The steamed buns and dumplings are still a luxury for now though and we can eat them everyday.

I had the chance to go to Taroko mountain gorge with a lady who visited our ward and had a spare ticket. I'm looking forward to taking Ben another time when we can hire a scooter and avoid the tour bus traps! It was really beautiful though.

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