Monday, 11 January 2010

Hanging around in Eslite Stationary Shop and seeing things in Taipei is great

Over Christmas and New Year we had some good times. We went to Hot Springs in Beitou, saw the Van Gogh exhibition at the National History Museum in Taipei, saw the Taipei 101 fireworks on Brant's roof, ate lots, spent lots of time in Ximending, at night markets and in Eslite bookstore. We went to camera street, saw Avatar and worked. Infact we only had christmas day and new years day off, but it was a welcome break.

Approaching Ximending where there are lots of cinemas. Definitely the most alternative place in Taiwan we've seen. There was even a little vintage Brit pop shop kitted out with lots of Clash memorabilia. Ximen's one of my favourite places.

My Christmas flowers from Ben

Our christmas plant, dead at this point because of our humid room, with our christmas packages!

About to see the Van Gogh exhibition. We left after 5 minutes because of the Taiwanese crowds. We couldn't believe they would let so many people in - you couldn't see anything, but they don't seem to care. We left and went back before it closed which was a good decision.

Brant's roof after the fireworks. We've learnt now that if something's recommended in Taiwan it doesn't mean it's good. These were meant to be the best fireworks Taiwan had ever had, but they lasted two minutes and there wasn't really anything creative about the display. When I mentioned this anti-climax to a couple of Taiwanese friends they replied with 'but it's so expensive. They spent millions on the display'. If you're going to spend millions, and more to the point, if millions of people are going to be watching (which they were), you'd make it good. But despite this it was a nice night and it was just good doing stuff with Brant.

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